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oh man these will be the death of me, how can something dirty and playful be so cute at the same ?

man,time hasn't been too kind to Timmy.

I'm getting very strong 90s 3d platformer vibes here. The music is very indicative of what i would hear from the Croc Games

ChutneyGlaze responds:

Croc is my favorite game in the whole wide world. Thank you!

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I love this spin on the old ball and paddle genre, It was pretty intense and unique for what it is.

Whew ...This is soooooooooo thrilling... :/

I can't believe I'm saying this right now but Watching grass grow is certainly more entertaining as this felt like going through an eternity where there's no sort of light at the end of the tunnel You've could at least some fullings that slow you down or maybe make the paste faster.

As much as i'd trend further

Into this quiz type game I have found myself most often stuck on the first image because when I look it seems very familar but I'm not sure where to recall all of these images there's no answer behind them, it would have took me more I did not get to the credits,It has led me to mostly to confusion. How do you Believe that these sort of predictions will occur of the queen exactly , I mean this sounds almost similar to the numbers station in Fallout 3 or maybe the prediction of possible death written on the Tombstone of the Dead Bart lost episode.

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Lazybucks , would there be a chance if you'd be doing the Ex-Death theme from FFV?

LazyBucks responds:

I'm sure I could. I'll have a look at it and get back to you on it :)


You know this would make for a good boss battle theme but at the end it seemed a little ofcourse :p
It sounded like some old game by namco they've made from the 80s ,what did you sample?

Twoshiny responds:

What do you mean by sample, Most of what you hear is done in fl studio, using massive, nexus, toxic biohazard plugins. And the random sounds are from the vengeance packs. Also I used some sound effects from the old tron game, pac man, ms pac man. Yeah I hope that answers your question.
"this would make for a good boss battle theme" I like that :D

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Hot might be a understatement ,Scolding's more like it :-3

Those lips were practically made for kissing among some other things ;*

Callie has to be one of my favorite characters ,right up there with Diives and vimhomeless's ocs !

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